Gingerbread Party Set Up


We can supply everything you need to have a successful Gingerbread House party – just invite the guests and order the kits.


Choose from traditional gingerbread or chocolate houses white/brown/black or a combination.

Please email if you have questions.

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Gingerbread house party kits include enough for 6 guests:

  • Homemade biscuit/chocolate pieces, sweets/sprinkles, icing sugar mix, piping bag, cake board, cellophane bag and ribbon (used to wrap up the house and take home)
  • Once the Gingerbread/chocolate house is built it is no bigger than an adults fist which makes it a very manageable size for children to build and decorate.
  • When the houses are built they can be placed in the cellophane bag provided and fastened with the ribbon. This makes an ideal party bag.


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