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About Festive Foodies

Festive Foodies was founded in 2015 in Cheshire. The inspiration to start the family run business came after living in the Middle East for 14 years. There were no Gingerbread house kits in the shops however hotels hosted Gingerbread house parties. Every year we would take the children to one of these events; this was a lovely Christmas activity and made us all feel Christmassy even if we were surrounded by the desert.

We moved to Qatar when the children were 6 and 4 and went to a Gingerbread House party hosted by one of the newer hotels. The houses once built were very heavy and sadly both collapsed before we arrived home. It was that moment I decided I would challenge myself, get baking and we would host a party at home! We invited 17 little guests and party was a huge success.

As soon as we arrived in the UK (2015) I could see the potential. The supermarkets were heaving with Gingerbread house kits including sweets full of additives and broken biscuit pieces. I decided I would approach the school that the children were attending and see if we could introduce a new Christmas activity. The children really enjoyed the parties and some ordered Gingerbread house kits to take home. Our Gingerbread house kits have been sold in several farm shops and markets and can now be bought directly from our website.

The gingerbread house kits are (almost) healthy!!! The simple ingredients, brown sugar, golden syrup, butter, ginger, pinch of salt and bicarbonate of soda make up the biscuit pieces to build the house. The icing consists of icing sugar, cream of tartar (secret cement for the house to stay up) and one egg white (or if you are vegan its chickpea brine!). The sweeties to decorate the house are a careful selection of vegetarian sprinkles or toppings. We research and strive our best to select sweets with natural colourings and flavours. The houses are small and easy to build; once built the houses are manageable for a child to decorate and eat!!

Our gingerbread biscuits are made with organic flour and butter – the icing is made with natural food colouring, icing sugar and egg white (all suitable for vegetarians). We can make personalised biscuits for all occasions and seasons.